Everything is about beach, sun and sea. Come spend time in a relaxed, laidback and worries free environment.


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Our fully equipped kitchen is ready for you to prepare all your meals with all the necessary tools.

Exterior areas

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The terrace is the place where you can just relax and enjoy the sun or eat something prepared by us. There are two showers, barbeque, dinning and lounge area.

Living room

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In the living room you can sit back and watch some cable tv, read a book or play a fun board came with your house fellow mates.


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There are two bathrooms in the house.

DESPICHE – 6 Bed Dorm

Despiche is a six bed mixed dorm perfect for the most sociable travelers with a private locker and very nice view over the beach.

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PITCHUDEZ – 3 Bed Room

Pitchudez is a three bed mixed dorm with three lockers, two private wash basin and an amazing ocean view.

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TUANIS – Double Room

Tuanis is our coziest double room with a private washbasin.

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MAR – Double Room

Mar is a double/twin room with a very nice view over the beach.

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PESCADO – Double Room

Pescado is a spacious and comfortable double/twin room with lockers and one private washbasin.

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Pura Vida Beach Hostel is located at the charming Praia da Areia Branca in Lourinhã county just 60km away from the Lisbon Airport and 15km from Peniche. Take our tips about what to do in Lourinhã. (click on the image)

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